A week of exercise and detox

I weighed myself on the 1st January at 154lbs, I have weighed myself on 7th January at 153lbs.  I can not believe the effort it takes to get a -1lb loss, but I will keep going.

This week I have cut refined sugar, wheat and dairy from my diet.  From my weight loss stats I would guess that I am not sensitive/intolerant to any of the above, which I suppose is good knews. Next week I will eat wholemeal only, just going for a balanced diet approach.

I have started taking probiotics again, I am taking OptiBac probiotics for everyday new MAX version with 50 billion live cultures per capsule which includes L.acidophilus NCFM which has been the focus of the most recent research with its ability to resist stomach acid and bile.

I am drinking at least a litre of water every day, a mixture of mineral and tap water.

I have a personal trainer who I am seeing twice a week, started back on 30th December, and I am mixing my training up with at least two weight training sessions a week and 2 cardio sessions a week, plus 10,000 steps a day and my FitBit is set at a 1000 calorie deficit a day (which is very difficult to achieve).  This week I did:

Tuesday: 30 minutes Suspension training

Wednesday: 1 hour weight traininer/power

Saturday: 1 hour PT Cardio session

Sunday: 30 minute interval jog/walk

I have started an Instagram account to track my progress @workingmummygetsfit you will see my Fit Bit stats – calories in and out each day along with steps and how many minutes I have been active each day.

Here is a post I hate and my daughters say it is embarressing!!!!  This is from yesterday (6 Jan18) me trying to squeeze into some new UK Size 10 chino’s – needs must to motivate me:

Lisa Blog image


It is ok to have the occasional day off plan!

Another 1 lb down this week, so I’m going steady and slow.  I am now 154 lbs (11 Stone), still not back at summer weight of 149 lbs, it seems to go on quicker than it comes off me!!

I have upped my exercise in the last couple of weeks and started my running programme so far so good, this week I have hit 146 minutes of exercise and the government recommended is 150 minutes per week, so I am pretty much on it.  Plus 60 minutes of the exercise was with my personal trainer which is high intensity circuits (My thighs are still aching today – 2 days later – no pain, no gain – I suppose!!).

I thought I would take a little picture as I have lost 8 lbs since 2nd January and I can feel a difference in my clothes, my size 14’s are now loose.  Sorry the pictures are on a slightly different zoom and I was not in my sports kit for the first time (wearing jeans). I have lost 2 inches off my waist, from 37 – 35 inch waist, the NHS says for women that you need to lose weight if your waist is more than 31.5 inches, and over 34 inches is high risk for diabetes etc, so I still have to lose 3.5 inches on my waist to be in the healthy range and 1 inch to get out of high risk range eeeek can that be!

This week I have had a average of: 60g Protein, 134g Carbs, 70g Fat each day, my calories averaged out over the week are 1345 per day.   It did go very wrong on 2 days as I had a work function one evening and SPA day with 3 course meal (basically a day off)!!!

But occasionally you can have a day off, can’t you?

I am still allowing myself a few more carbs at the weekend than in the week, so I can still join the family for a slice of homemade pizza and the odd treat.  I do believe the trick is to allow yourself an occasional treat or a day off (as long as it is not too often) or it is very difficult to keep going.  Right I am off for a short jog/walk, to burn off my day off 🙂 !!!!  Have a good week all.

My end of month treat to keep me inspired was a new pair of running leggings (wind proof as it is sooo cold at the moment) and the vest top I am modelling in my update picture!


A month of life style change – 7lb loss

Whoop whoop I have lost 7lbs in my first month of low carb, counting calories mainly Monday to Friday with a few carbs thrown in at the weekend. My target weight was 152lb and I am 155lb, so maybe my 2lb a week target was a bit extreme, but hey 3lbs off target and a 7lb loss is not too bad.

I have started the ‘Running made easy ‘ programme this week, back at the beginning of 5k training (which is horrific thinking I ran a half marathon only 4 years ago) but starting out easy and in short bursts is a good idea as I a not training with a friend so need to motivate myself. This week I have been out in the dark, in cold weather and just to make it worse it has rained every day. I have done Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, Friday was gales and rain so I missed it, so will have to add an extra run tomorrow. Getting ready to head out in a minute for my first run this week, I have made myself a timetable and stuck it on the fridge to tick off as I go along here is a rough schedule:

Saturday – Intervals of run/walk
Monday – Intervals of run/walk & if not too hungry for dinner 10 minutes of circuits
Wednesday – Intervals of run/walk
Friday – Personal training session

To be honest I find week days easy as I am in a routine with planning my food and going to work, it is the weekends that I fall down. Something else I have noticed this week is my husband makes me fat!!!!

This week he had come home from work with a Cadbury chocolate rabbit (ok this was tiny), a box of Maltesers and a huge bar of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate and flowers last night. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but he needs to buy me less chocolate and more flowers. I have a house full of teenagers tonight and the huge bar of chocolate (that has not been opened) may have to go to them or it will torment me all week!  I did allow myself some of the other treats, but I would not have had them if he had not brought them into the house.

I am going to review my next target that I will aim to hit it on Saturday 4th March (4 weeks from today) to 6lb loss (an average of 1.5 lbs per week, any more will be a bonus) with a target weight of 149lb (10 Stone 9lbs, back to my summer 2016 weight). Yay to break the 10 Stone bracket. I need to remind myself that this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change for food and exercise to get in optimum health. They go hand in hand, and crash dieting with out exercise leads to muscle loss which is not a good idea in your 40’s, as you get older muscle mass is an important factor to keep you mobile and active in old age.  The annoying thing about this is there is no quick fix, and while you are exercising the scales to not give the full picture as toning and inch loss will have a huge part to play, also muscle weighs more than fat. What I want to avoid is being slim and saggy, so ‘Slow and Steady’ however annoying needs to be my moto.

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I LOVE mushrooms, check out this yummy recipe

I thought I would share with you a simple quick filling mushroom recipe that I have made up and is very tasty.



1 Large Mushroom or a handful of small mushrooms
10g Organic butter
2 handfuls of spinach
Pinch of Himalayan rock salt

  1. Chop the mushrooms into rough chunks, if you don’t have a large mushroom just use smaller ones.
  2. Melt the organic butter in a frying pan on a gentle heat.
  3. Throw in mushrooms and cook through.
  4. Chuck in 2 handfuls of spinach and fry until shrivels up a bit.
  5. Serve onto your plate with a pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt.

Done in a few minutes and filling and very yummy too. This is a great one for when have just got in the door after work with kids in tow and starving hungry, I prepare and eat before cooking the kids meal, or while waiting for my meal to cook.

A 5lb loss in 11 days!

Just checking in for a weekly update. I have lost 3lbs since last Saturday, so I am pretty happy with that and that would be a total of 5lbs in 11 days, I am now weighing in a 157 lbs. If I can lose the first stone by 2nd February that would be a good start, but that is still another 9lbs so pretty ambitious for 17 days.

The jogging plan has not yet happened though I did do a one hour hike last Sunday. To get motivated I have started having a personal training session on a Friday, which consists of a really hard circuit training session for an hour, consequently I am aching today, but should help to trim off the inches and improve my cardio fitness.

Monday to Thursday on low carbs was easy, Friday night however turned into a carb meal and I was persuaded to buy the kids Domino’s pizza, of which I had 3 medium slices of a mushroom pizza. So Friday and Saturday have turned into my days where I have a carb meal. Sunday roast chicken lunch will be accompanied by lots of veg and sweet potato and parsnips.

I have also been keeping track of my calories using My Fitness Pal, I am generally under 1300 calories each day and I try to measure my portions to control calories.

I will pop a couple another low carb meal creation for tasty burgers on here in the next couple of days.

Getting moving

To help me on this journey I have booked a Personal Trainer who is going to train my husband and I together on a Friday morning. If he turns up at my door there is no getting away!

I have used this personal trainer before for 8 weeks before I went on my summer holiday in 2016, and had some great inch loss results I weighed 149 lbs when I went on holiday and could wear a size 12. Though I got back into bad habits and a stressful project at work did not help from September to where I am now in January 2017 back at a size 14!

Along with the personal trainer I have purchased the new edition of the book I first used to get into running, called ‘Running Made Easy’. I plan to try and do both in conjunction to improve my cardio and strength.

I also wear a Garmin Vivofit that monitors sleep and steps. Today is Sunday and I am going to go for a long walk and get some fresh air before a week in the office.


Day one of my new year weight loss and fitness journey

Every new year we all say I want to lose weight and get fit. I seem to dip in and out of it, 8 weeks seeing a personal trainer this summer, got to September and all went wrong. So here I am again it’s a new year, so what better time to start on the new me!

Interestingly my husband keeps saying to me don’t tell anyone you are trying to lose weight just do it!!!  Well that clearly hasn’t worked so I am going against his advice! Sorry hubby.

I started by making the decision I needed to do something over new year, though due to social engagements I did not put anything into action until Tuesday 3rd January, which was my first day back at work. What I  did managed to do over the Christmas break was the first step to making this a success, I made a plan.

1. Plan my menu for the week and do an online order with all the fresh ingredients.  Then I will prepare my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work the night before, as I tend do grab a cup of tea and go in the morning by the time I have got the kids organised and off to school.  I can tell you that Tuesday to Friday has been a success for my healthy diet plan, and I have stuck to it.

2. Research and think about my dietary habits and what I have tried and tested before, that I have not found sustainable and why I have struggled. Ok one part was busy lifestyle and not organising my shopping, but the other was trying to do a too restrictive diet, like clean eating or green smoothies.

3. Decide on what I think will work for me. I am going to try something new that I think will be achievable, my own rough version of ‘CARB CYCLING’ I think this is the term. I am going to eat a low carb diet (basically no bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oats) Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday I am going to allow myself a meal with carbs on each day.

Follow my blog to see how I get on, it is Saturday today and I can tell you that from Tuesday to Friday this week I have lost 2lbs. So a promising start.

About me

A bit of history about me, I never gained weight as a child or in my 20’s and was always a size 8 and weighed about 120 lbs.  I had my first child at 31 years old and have never got my weight below 130 lbs since, in fact I sat at 136 lbs naturally until I hit 39 years old.  Today I weight 160 lbs and am a comfortable size 14!!!  I am now 44 years old, so I am not expecting to be a size 8 again, but I think I should be able to get to a size 10, does that sound familiar?

I have a long journey ahead of me my target weight is 126 lbs, that is a total loss of 34lbs, eeekkkkkkk!  What I am going to do is break it down into smaller manageable chunks my first goal is below:

1. To hit 152 lbs (10 Stone 12 lbs, this equates to 2lbs per week weight loss and it should be easy as I was 10 Stone 9lbs summer 2016) in 4 weeks – Saturday 4th February.

This will be a challenge as I work full time and help my husband with his business and ferry around 2 children, but I am up for it!  So lets get started, I will post some yummy recipes, and the type of meals I am eating as I go along.  Plus when I get into ‘Getting Fit Mode’ I will include an exercise regime.

This is my inspiration! Ok maybe not that realistic at 44 years, but here are a couple of pictures of me today and when I was a size 8.

blog-post-1P                   lisaslim