4lb down and 6.5 inches off in 1 month

Last Saturday my PT checked my weight and measurements and from 2 January – 3 February I have lost 4lbs and 6.5 inches – way to go. This is healthy and sustainable weight loss, that is less likely to go back on as with faddy diets and a bonus inch loss thrown in from my exercise regime.

What have I been doing this month re cap:

  • Following my DNA Fit results 60% Power, 40% Endurance and eatting 70% mediternean diet (for me this is vegetarian in the week).
  • Strength training – 1 hour, once a week
  • Circuit training with weights – 1 hour, once a week
  • Joined a running club – 3 mile endurance run with the group once a week.
  • A 3 mile interval or slow run with my neighbour once a week
  • If I have time a speed interval training run on my own for about 20-30 minutes once a week.

So I need to commit to a plan for the remainder of February – the last week has been challenging as husband had an operation, so a lot of juggling a 40 hour work week and 2 children!  I have had 2 really bad food days this week, so looks like a static one on the weigh tloss front.

February Plan – to boost the calorie burn

Aim to get my DNA Fit suggested Macro’s right 50% Carb, 15% Protein, 35% Fat. Calories were 1300-1400 per day – I am going to aim for 1200 per day average over the week, days I exercise may be more and when I don’t will be less to equate to 8400 calories over a week.

  • Saturday (today): PT Circuit training – 1 hour, followed by a 2 mile run. Est. 550 calorie burn.
  • Sunday: 3 mile endurance run. Est. 350 calorie burn.
  • Tuesday: PT Strength training – 1 hour, followed by a 2 mile run. Est. 450 calorie burn.
  • Wednesday: 3 mile endurance run with running club. Est 350 calorie burn.
  • Friday: 3 mile interval run – 2 min run & 1 min walk. Est 350 calorie burn.

Total estimated calorie burn from exercise: 2050 (target is to burn through exercise approx 2000 per week, that should equate to just over 1/2lb weight loss a week)

Right – I had better get my skates on as off to Circuit training in 15 minutes – have a good week all!!  Here is a picture of me pre my running club run this week – it was 1 degree celcius and dark – hence head torch!!

IMG_3724 Me running club blog image


My DNA Fit test results are back!

My DNA Fit test results are back!!!

It made an interesting read and I am going to adapt my exercise and diet accordingly throughout the process of getting fit and healthy. So what did my results say – here is a short summary of my results:

Exercise: Recommended weight training and HiiT style training

60% Power  40% Endurance – so I need to tilt towards more power exercises like high intensity interval training and weight lifting, with a bit of endurance thrown in. This is what I have tried to do over the last week.

Diet: Recommended a Mediterranean Diet – I do not like fish, but have decided to go vegetarian Monday- Friday and have meat at weekends. I have listed my results below with what action I have taken.

Carbohydrate: Medium sensitivity – eating wholemeal bread and pasta.
Saturated Fat: Low sensitivity
Lactose: Tolerant – ditched the Almond milk and back on regular milk
Coeliac: Low – eating wholemeal.
Vitamin B needs: normal
Vitamin D needs: normal

To watch:
Alcohol: Raised sensitivity – not drinking at moment, if do no more than 3.
Salt: Raised sensitivity – no added salt to my recipes.
Caffeine: Raised sensitivity – changed to decaf organic tea.
Cruciferous vegetables need: Raised – making an effort to incorporate more into diet.
Omega 3 need: Raised – taking organic milled Flaxseed in porridge and have capsules.
Anti-Oxidant need: Raised – lots of fruit and veg in diet for vitamins A, C and E.
Detoxification ability: Medium/Slow – not to exceed 2-3 servings of grilled meat or fish.

So I started following DNA fit guidelines from Monday 15th Janaury and another 1 lb dropped off this week.

Here is a catch up of 2018 so far, I have been busy and have tried to keep moving.  All day meetings at work are the hardest days to hit 10,000 steps, here are my step averages/calorie averages/exercise for the last 3 weeks:

  • 1-7 January 2018 = 85,509 steps.
  • 1-7 January average of 1232 calories a day.
  • 1-7 January = 3 exercise sessions: PT Weights session 1hr, PT circuits session 1hr, Jog/walk intervals 33 mins.
  • 8-14 January 2018 = 61,760 steps.
  • 8-14 January = average 1303 calories a day.
  • 8-14 January = 4 exercise sessions: PT Weights Session 1 hr, Interval run 30 mins, PT Circuits Session 1 hr, Interval Run 30 mins.
  • 15-21 January = 63,638 steps – need to do just over 6000 more steps today to reach my 70,000 average.
  • 15-20 January = average 1267 calories a day.
  • 15-20 January = 4 exercise sessions: Interval Run 25 mins, Interval Run 30 mins, PT Circuits Session 1 hr, Interval Run 15 mins, Interval Run 25 mins (in the pouring rain)!

Weight loss to date 2.1lbs @ 20 January 2018. Slowly but surely!

A week of exercise and detox

I weighed myself on the 1st January at 154lbs, I have weighed myself on 7th January at 153lbs.  I can not believe the effort it takes to get a -1lb loss, but I will keep going.

This week I have cut refined sugar, wheat and dairy from my diet.  From my weight loss stats I would guess that I am not sensitive/intolerant to any of the above, which I suppose is good knews. Next week I will eat wholemeal only, just going for a balanced diet approach.

I have started taking probiotics again, I am taking OptiBac probiotics for everyday new MAX version with 50 billion live cultures per capsule which includes L.acidophilus NCFM which has been the focus of the most recent research with its ability to resist stomach acid and bile.

I am drinking at least a litre of water every day, a mixture of mineral and tap water.

I have a personal trainer who I am seeing twice a week, started back on 30th December, and I am mixing my training up with at least two weight training sessions a week and 2 cardio sessions a week, plus 10,000 steps a day and my FitBit is set at a 1000 calorie deficit a day (which is very difficult to achieve).  This week I did:

Tuesday: 30 minutes Suspension training

Wednesday: 1 hour weight traininer/power

Saturday: 1 hour PT Cardio session

Sunday: 30 minute interval jog/walk

I have started an Instagram account to track my progress @workingmummygetsfit you will see my Fit Bit stats – calories in and out each day along with steps and how many minutes I have been active each day.

Here is a post I hate and my daughters say it is embarressing!!!!  This is from yesterday (6 Jan18) me trying to squeeze into some new UK Size 10 chino’s – needs must to motivate me:

Lisa Blog image

Christmas Weight Gain or not

OK, nearly at the end of my first year and I would say it is looking like a 10lb loss over the year, should have achieved more, but holidays, injuries and a new job seem to throw me off focus.  It is still a juggling act, I work a 40 hour week – sometimes more like 48 hours and have 2 kids age 14 and 10. As well as helping my husband out with his company, it is a pretty full on life with not much ‘Me’ time at all!!  I am jealous of the stay at home mums, who turn up to school in their Gym kit, go for a work out and have time to shop for a perfectly healthy lunch and all afternoon to prepare and plan dinner. I was slimmer when I worked from home, but saying that I do love the adult company and challenges of work.

2018 will be a new focus and I will be continuing with my Personal Trainer on getting strong and fit and eating healthily – no faddy diets here, just a good balanced whole meal diet of home made food, lots of water and at least 5 a day. This is long term healthy eating, I will also keep an eye on my calories in and calories out.

I am proud to have bucked a trend as I am the lightest I have been for 4 years to see in the new year – last year being 10 lb heavier. I am 10 Stone 12lbs, though have gained some since my 10st 6lb summer weight hit. This is still pretty good, I am still wearing a size 12.

I am excited for the New Year, have new running trainers on order and some new Gym kit. I have also treated myself to a DNA Fit test for fitness and diet, I know it is just a guideline but all very interesting and cutting edge. This company now also reside in Selfridges, London. Anyway I won’t have any results until mid-January so will keep you posted. I predict I will be 50/50 Endurance/Strength for my exercise and I don’t think I am intolerant to Carbs, but no idea about the rest, so will be interesting to see if I am right.

I will try to write an update on New Years Day/Eve, with my year start weight. I will have 12 weeks to my first goal, of 9 Stone something, ready for our family Ski holiday.



Sugar in milk – I had no idea?

I was logging my breakfast in MyFitnessPal today, healthy plain porridge and could not understand why it said there was 9 grams of sugar in my porridge – turns out it was the 180ml of Semi-Skimmed Milk. Now I am trying to keep my sugar under 40g per day, that includes natural sugars – which under further investigation I realised lactose (sugar in milk) is a natural sugar. But when measuring sugar levels cows milk can really bump it up – so plan B is revert to unsweetened Almond Milk and I can not taste much difference!

More information on milk is here, which is an interesting read BBC Which milk is right for you.

I am still on my journey that started in January 2017, one thing I have realised is that there is no quick fix (or you regain your weight just as quickly), it is a slow long term journey combining fitness and a healthy balanced diet.

The bit that I have found hardest over the last almost 10 months is being organised with my food, and working a busy working mum doing a 40 hour week with a husband that works into the evening!

I built my running back up to 5k and then had a calf injury so had the summer off, in September I visited a Chiropractor and found my pelvis was out of alignment and this corrected my calf. I started running again and saw a Personal Trainer once a week on the 7th October I weighed 10 Stone 9 lbs, so have lost approximately 1 stone since Christmas but been pretty much stuck around this weight for a while.

Early September I started a free weights programme with my Personal Trainer and mixed in jogging as my cardio, though have had another set back as over stretched my lower back on the Swiss ball exercising at home (not part of my programme, just seemed like a good idea at the time) and could hardly walk for the pain. So though I started a 12 week programme with an aim to drop a stone, this is now looking unlikely due to injury. Luckily a couple more visits to the Chiropractor and I have healed over 2-3 weeks, now getting back with the programme, though it did take a knock to my motivation and was off programme for a couple of weeks, hence static weight!!

One thing I can say is this is not easy, I am now back on it with  TRX Suspension Workout, which I will aim to do 4 times a week and then also add my weekly PT session which is 30 minutes for the next 4 weeks, then I will up it to an hour.  I am lucky enough to have an Elliptical Trainer in my sitting room that I will use to top up my cardio – and I must add I am still stepping using my Fitbit.

Long term I want to lose another 2 Stone, bringing me to 8 Stone 9lbs and to have excellent Cardiovascular fitness and good strength. This is not a quick fix it will be slow, I am hoping through my ups and downs that I can reach this by my next summer holiday.

Short term I am aiming for another 10lbs to get me to 9 Stone 13lbs. I am exercising and eating a healthy balanced wholegrain diet, and keeping an eye on sugar consumption – with the odd day off to have a life!!

Now I am over my lower back injury, I am back on it planning my healthy meals and doing my exercise, I will try not to leave it so long before my next post!!




Move More, Lose More

Just a little update a month on from my last post and only 2lb down for May, so now weigh in at 10 Stone 11lb. But I have had a weeks holiday in this where I took time out and ate bad carbs. This is what makes it hard!!!!

On a positive note I have lost a grand total of 11lbs since the start of this journey, was hoping for a quicker loss as that is over 5 months, but I am going to keep going.

diet-1135819_1280The Fit Bit has definitely inspired me to move more and I started jogging 2 miles 4 times a week, well in intervals. I have just had to take a break for a week with a sprained calf, which is a slight set back, but am going to take it easy and did a slow jog yesterday with no pain.  I am still ensuring that I exceed 10,000 steps a day, but have found that they only way to lose the weight too is to restrict the calories to 1100 a day.

7 weeks to go until my summer holiday and still hopeful to lose another stone, unfortunately I have lots of social events over the next month that make it challenging. But just a 7lb loss now would put me into the healthy weight range for my height, so that should be within reach if I keep focused.

Anyway look out for my next post. I am currently getting moving using the Fitbit and measuring my calories on My Fitness Pal. Calories in and Calories out, its that simple!!!

Using a Fit Bit to lose weight

Ok, so March and April I gave up, I have gone through a difficult time at work and it has been hard to focus. This most certainly is not an easy journey, as life can get in the way.  I turned 45 in April and really need to get to an optimum weight and maintain before the aging hormones start kicking in even more.  The good news is I have not gained the weight I lost initially and have lost an extra 1lb.

For my birthday I got a Fit Bit HR Charge 2, this has given me a renewed push as the calorie counting was not working.  With all the stats from the Fit Bit it has given me a clear picture of why my weight loss halted.

I currently have to walk 12,000 steps a day to burn 2,200 calories, so to lose 2lbs a week I need to be in a 1,000 calorie deficit each day. This puts it in perspective, as it will take a fair bit of effort to achieve.  It means I can eat 1200 calories a day and have to put in extra work, to hit a 2lb a week weight loss target, which is now a necessity as my summer holiday is in 10 weeks, so I could potentially lose 20lbs, if I manage to keep it up.  If I have a night out or am invited to a BBQ I will need to make sure I move more to compensate, as weekends are the trickiest.

I am also trying to up my protein intake as it fills you up more, and  I am having a more balanced approach to Macro Nutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fat) as I often found my protein intake goes low when I am not planning what to eat.

I am 10 Stone 13lbs (9lbs lighter than when I started this blog), a comfortable size 14 (UK) and am 5ft 3inches. To be in a healthy BMI I need to be under 10 Stone 4lbs. So 9lbs loss gets me to healthy, which would be a good start.  My Fit Bit also monitors my heart rate and my cardio fitness level is good – very good, with an average resting heart rate of 65bpm.

My target weight for Saturday 15th July is 9 Stone 8lbs, I plan to continue walking a lot on  my holiday sight seeing so I should easily be able to continue as is manageable.  I used to be 8 Stone 7lbs prior to children, but I will need to build in some age adjustment to a being a healthy weight.