Weight loss plateau arrghhh?

Am I on a weight loss plateau, or have I just been too bad?

I have not lost any weight for 2 weeks, ok I have had social events to contend with and a very stressful time at work. But I don’t think my calorie average for the week is extreme – week one of no weight loss was 1434 a day and week two of no weight loss was 1311.  I guess one of the differences is I was craving carbs, which I believe is due to stress and I had a average of 145 grams of carbs a day in week one and then 206 grams a day in week two.  I did 86 minutes of exercise in week one and 70 minutes in week two. Anyway I am at a loss after analysing this and I just have to keep going. I have My Fitness Pal App set at 1200 calories a day, and am finding it very hard to intricately plan my macro nutrients, so gave up and I am just keeping an eye on calories and exercise going forwards.

I am now not feeling very optimistic about my 6 lb weight loss target for February as so far I have lost 1 lb!!!! So I am hoping for a jump start this week with a 2 lb loss, to at least hit 50% of my target.

It has become apparent that it seems to be easy to lose weight in month one and then stagnates. I don’t want to do an extreme calorie cut as that is also not sustainable so I think to target for any more than a 1 lb loss a week is potentially unrealistic, and maybe it will even be a 0.5 lb loss a week, which is depressing!!!

I go on holiday Skiing in a month today, so I am going to step it up a level for the next month and try and shake this plateau, and am going to attempt to do the Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, along side my calorie count aiming for an average of 1200 per day over a 7 day period.  I wanted to weigh 10 Stone 7 lbs by my holiday, with 4 weeks to go I need to lose 7 lbs – is this realistic – possibly not with this months track record but I can be ever hopeful.

WEIGHT LOSS TO DATE 26.FEB.17 FROM 2.JAN.17 = 8 lbs (in 7 weeks, lost in first 5 weeks).

I have also cleared my wardrobe and have a whole shelf of clothes that are too small for me, my challenge is to slim into them for July. But to fit most I need to lose another 1 Stone 7 lbs.

Anyway I will keep going and update you next week on my progress.




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