0.5 lb every half pound counts – doesn’t it?

Weight loss for my week 4 has slowed to a snails pace only 0.5lb loss, which I wouldn’t usually count as go for whole pounds but trying to keep going, may not be helped by the fact that I had 2 events this week where I was eating out. I chose Pizza Light, and had a cup of tea with a mini taster dessert as a treat, and eat out number two I chose a skinny burger (but did have fries and onion rings), no dessert, but a 175ml of Pinot Grigio was enjoyed (first alcohol since started).  This is sooooooo hard as the scales still are in the 156lbs (so in whole pounds would be no change)!!!

This week I have allowed myself wheat in the form of wholemeal granary bread with my homemade soup, starting with the Pizza light on Sunday. What I did notice after the Pizza is that it kept repeating on me, which makes me wonder if I am intolerant to wheat, gluten or something in it, though I have not noticed this effect from my homemade versions.

When I worked out my average calories over the 7 days it is 1300 per day as the weekends have bulked it up.

I have also upped my exercise, in the form of 2 extra 20 minute body weight exercises as per the schedule in a previous post, which makes it 3 times a week, so am I building muscle.  I think this could be part of it as my clothes are a lot looser around my waist, maybe the planks are paying off!

Tomorrow I have my sisters 40th birthday lunch and cake, and Friday I have a lunch with teachers at school, so more social events to navigate, I need to be a hermit!

My initial goal is not looking so achievable at this point as I need to lose 4lbs by next Saturday to hit the 152 lb goal. Maybe I have been too ambitious with the 2 lb a week target and need to revise it to a more realistic and steady 1 lb per week. But for this next week I am just going to go for it and hope for at least 2lbs off.

I have also signed up for a 5k race with my daughters on 9th July, to get me jogging again, so I am now off to start week one from the ‘Running Made Easy’ book (I have tweaked the days a bit as I have personal training on Fridays and there is no way I can run too):

Saturday: Run 60 seconds, Walk 3 mins x 4 – 16 minute workout = COMPLETED

Monday: Run 60 seconds, Walk 3 mins x 4 – 16 minute workout

Wednesday: Run 60 seconds, Walk 3 mins x 4 – 16 minute workout & add 10 minutes of body weight training in circuits

Friday: Personal Training – Circuit training workout with weights

Looks a bit pathetic considering 5 years ago I ran a half marathon, if I can do more I will, but starting easy is sometimes a good plan just to get going.  I have decided to create myself a tick chart for the fridge to tick off my exercise achievements each week.  Next Saturday I will update on what I have completed – plus I assume that I need to ensure that I do not eat my efforts afterwards!  Wish me luck……


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