Week 3 update – 1lb loss

This week has been a bit up and down, so I have mixed it up a bit. Being organised with my lunches for work went a bit wrong on the low carb side, and I had soup and 1 slice of organic wholemeal bread with butter on two days!

I came up with a back up plan, if I don’t manage to cut carbs (usually because of lack of shopping organisation in my busy week) I am also counting calories and make sure I am under 1200 calories a day. So I a hoping a combination of both, some low carb days and some calorie counting days will work, I am actually keeping a check on my calories throughout anyway using an App called MyFitnessPal.

Anyway back to the important stuff – my weigh in this week was a 1lb loss, so not all bad!! That is a total of 6lb from 2nd -20th January I now weigh 156lbs (11 Stone 2lbs). My target for Saturday 4th February is 152lbs (10 Stone 12lbs), so I need to try and lose 2lb a week over the next 2 weeks to keep on track!

I have had my second personal training session this week, I ached for 3 days after last Friday’s!! I had not managed much more exercise than this but have tried to focus more on food.  I am however, off for a 45 minute hill walk today and still plan on starting running when the weather gets warmer (I suffer from Cold Urticara, and will talk about that in another post as I seemed to gain weight around the time this happened).

I also know that I will need to up the exercise when I start to plateau on the weight loss and I will then need to step everything up a gear. I am going to try and do 2 x 20 minute circuit sessions at home this week 30 seconds of an exercise and 30 seconds rest, this is my plan, it takes 5 minutes and I do it 3 or 4 times to get to 15-20 minutes of exercise (please note I am not an exercise specialist, I am just taking a few exercises from my weekly PT session):

30 Seconds – Press Ups (on my knees of course!)
30 Seconds – rest
30 Seconds – Squats
30 Seconds – rest
30 Seconds – Plank
30 Seconds – rest
30 Seconds – Run on the spots with Knees high
30 Seconds – rest
30 Seconds – Walking lunges
30 Seconds – rest

At the moment I think my next mini goal will be to get to keep the weight loss steady at 2lbs per week and hit 144lbs (10 Stone 4lbs) by Saturday 4th March, though will revisit this when I hit 2nd Feb target.

Just as a reminder I started at 162 lbs (almost full term pregnant for me weight of 11 Stone 8lbs) on 2nd January and my final target weight is 8 Stone 8lbs (120lbs) – 9 Stone (126lbs) which I would like to hit by the time I head off on a month travelling round Europe in July/August.

I have quite a long way to go, I have broken my weight loss journey into bite sized chunks to keep me going. As I hit milestones I am going to reward myself, I have a huge reward planned in form of a ski trip at the end of March, which is only 9 weeks away.  Then it will be my summer trip!


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