Is weight loss – all about the gut?

According to the British Journal of Nutrition probiotics could help you lose weight. They did a 12 week study with some women taking placebo and some probiotics and the women on the probiotics lost almost twice as much weight.

Why is this?  They claim that probiotics can repair leaky gut and lower the intestinal bacteria related to obesity, type 2 diabetes and glucose intolerance. The researchers suggested eating a healthy low fat and high fibre diet.  There is also research that says it can help eliminate inflammation and parasites.

I don’t think the research is totally conclusive yet, but there is some compelling evidence, and if you google the subject it does make an interesting read.  Anyway after my googling, I have been inspired to take a good quality probiotics for 3 months to ensure a healthy gut, it has good bacteria in the billions so should do something for my gut health.  To further back up my decision I did visit a nutritionist last year and she suggested a course of probiotics too, so here we go.

I have chosen the Optibacprobiotics for every day after reading lots of good reviews on their site and I started taking them on Saturday 14th January, so lets see if I notice any difference.



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