A 5lb loss in 11 days!

Just checking in for a weekly update. I have lost 3lbs since last Saturday, so I am pretty happy with that and that would be a total of 5lbs in 11 days, I am now weighing in a 157 lbs. If I can lose the first stone by 2nd February that would be a good start, but that is still another 9lbs so pretty ambitious for 17 days.

The jogging plan has not yet happened though I did do a one hour hike last Sunday. To get motivated I have started having a personal training session on a Friday, which consists of a really hard circuit training session for an hour, consequently I am aching today, but should help to trim off the inches and improve my cardio fitness.

Monday to Thursday on low carbs was easy, Friday night however turned into a carb meal and I was persuaded to buy the kids Domino’s pizza, of which I had 3 medium slices of a mushroom pizza. So Friday and Saturday have turned into my days where I have a carb meal. Sunday roast chicken lunch will be accompanied by lots of veg and sweet potato and parsnips.

I have also been keeping track of my calories using My Fitness Pal, I am generally under 1300 calories each day and I try to measure my portions to control calories.

I will pop a couple another low carb meal creation for tasty burgers on here in the next couple of days.


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